What Is A Riesling Wine?

A Riesling wine is made from white grapes that come from the Rhine region of Germany. The Riesling grape is a late maturing, low yielding grape which may be reflected on the price of the wine. This grape is very aromatic and smells almost flowery with a high acidity level. When these grapes are used to create wine the wine is very rarely “oaked”, stored and aged in an oak barrel, which keeps the sweetness of the grape. Riesling wines are full of flavors such as apple, peach and pear mixed with floral undertones. They often have citrus and tropical nuances. Rieslings also tend to have a noticeable mineral taste that comes from their native soils, which explains why they can have a hint of slate or limestone. The alcohol content of Riesling wine is quite low, around 7-11%

A Riesling is usually drunk when quite young as to keep the fruity, flowery flavors. This wine is also a perfect candidate for aging because of it’s high acidity, sugar content and range of flavors. The most common aging periods for Riesling wines are around 5–15 years for dry, 10–20 years for semi-sweet and 10-30 or more years for sweet versions.

Rieslings are a very versatile wine when it comes to food pairing. Riesling wines usually pair very well with oriental dishes and seafood. They also are capable of handling the spice and zest of Mexican or even Moroccan foods. A fruity dish or desert is also perfect match with Rieslings. It is also one of the few kinds of wine that goes well with chocolate.

If you are looking for a light, sweet, and flavorful white wine try a Riesling. They are quite palatable, can accompany almost any dish you desire, and will go with dessert too! A Riesling is perfect for someone who wants an extremely versatile wine.

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