SundayBrew Recommends Kate The Great Russian Imperial Stout

SundayBrew Recommends Kate The Great Russian Imperial Stout by Portsmouth Brewery of Portsmouth, New Hampshire is undoubtedly one of the greatest beers in the world, it is also one of the rarest of beers. Each year on Kate Day eager fans of Kate The Great have gathered for their chance at tasting some of the limited production run of 10 barrels made each year. The production is split into 5 barrels for bottles yielding about 900 bottles, and 5 barrels of draught to be served in the Portsmouth Brewery Restaurant. This limited production run always sells out quickly.

In the past Kate Day at the Portsmouth Brewery has meant camping out overnight in line waiting to receive one of the calendar pages they hand out serving as the official placeholder to be able to buy one of the coveted 900 bottles of Kate The Great Russian Imperial Stout. This year however, Portsmouth Brewery has changed the way bottles will be sold, the camping out in line on the sidewalk waiting for a calendar page has been replaced by purchasing scratch off tickets to win the chance to buy a 22 oz. bottle for $15 each. There will be 10,000 tickets available with 900 winners randomly mixed in, these tickets will be sold for $2 each with the money donated to a non-profit of Portsmouth Breweries choice. The scratch tickets will go on sale starting 6 weeks before this year’s March 7, 2011 Kate Day at Portsmouth Brewing. The scratch tickets will only be sold in person at the brewery with a purchase limit of 10 tickets per day per person. Holders of the winning tickets may at their convenience, present their winning scratch ticket any time between March 7th and April 15, 2011 and purchase a bottle of Kate The Great for each winning ticket they have. After April 15th any bottles, which have not been sold will be made available for sale in the retail store.

The lines of Kate The Great lovers will still be occurring to visit the restaurant for the official tapping of Kate The Great Russian Imperial Stout at about 12:30 on March 7th, 2011. The doors to the restaurant will officially open at 11 AM with Kate Lovers let in 50 at a time each 15 minutes until the restaurant is fully seated is reached.

SundayBrew Recommends that if you intend to buy the bottles of Kate The Great Russian Imperial Stout that if you live local in the Portsmouth area that you get there daily in the 6 weeks prior to Kate Day March 7th, 2011 to buy your 10 scratch tickets until you have all the winning tickets you want. If you are out of the Portsmouth, New Hampshire area, you will need to enlist the aid of a friend or relative that lives in the area and can buy the scratch tickets for you.

SundayBrew Recommends that if you intend to attend the official tapping of this year’s Kate The Great Russian Imperial Stout at the Portsmouth Brewery Restaurant you will need to plan on being there early to ensure that you get in before seating capacity is reached. I’ll see you in line behind me I hope!

SundayBrew Recommending Kate The Great Russian Imperial Stout is an easy choice and that opinion was shared at Beer Advocate where it was scored as the Best Beer in America. The color of the beer can only be described as black, black like licorice, used motor oil and a host of other descriptions all fit. The head is a full and thick coffee colored foam that eventually drops to a ring. Kate The Great weighs in with 10.5% alcohol by volume, its flavor reminds me of a great chocolate malt with molasses and a touch of licorice, coffee, smoke, and some fruitiness reminding me of plums. Really time is wasting get the scratch tickets so you don’t miss out. This beer doesn’t need describing!

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