30qt Polarware Brew Kettle w/ Valve & Thermometer

Polarware Brew Kettle

Polarware Stainless Steel Kettle 30qt size is perfect for full wort boil of 5 gallon batches!

All fittings are SS weld-less with 1/2″ threads and high temp silicone gaskets.

These economy Polarware stainless steel kettles give you plenty of capacity for a 5 gallon full wort boil. Each kettle includes a compact 304 stainless steel ball valve and 3″ weld-less thermometer. Rolled stainless steel handles stay cool even with a kettle full of boiling wort. Domed lid is also included. This is a great kettle for the novice home brewer because of its ease of use and thermometer built right onto it for maximum boiling accuracy.

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